September 1st, 2019

Video: Affordable post-secondary education for everyone

Today, the average student with debt owes $27,000 at the end of an undergraduate degree—and a student who has to borrow to fund their education will end up paying over $10,000 more than one who is lucky enough to graduate without taking on debt.

Post-secondary education shouldn’t be a debt sentence. Young people should not be starting their working lives under a crushing debt burden.

Our vision is for every Canadian to have access to quality post-secondary education. Over the long term, we’ll work with provinces and territories to cap and reduce tuition fees, building towards making post-secondary education part of our public education system so young Canadians can go from kindergarten to career without the barrier of cost. We believe that with the right leadership and political will we can get there.

First steps:

  • Elimination of interest on student loans—something that has already been done by five provinces. It’s time for the federal government to step up!
  • Moving away from loans by significantly increasing access to non-repayable Canada Student Grants.

NDP commitments to affordable child care and housing will also assist those in post-secondary education, whether they are at university, college or in apprenticeship programs.

[See more info about NDP commitments for post-secondary education on page 17 of our policy document.]