Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Freeland

Regarding the need for a Community Services COVID-19 Relief Fund
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March 22

NDP MP moves to require federal assessment of every coal mine

Legislation, tabled by Alberta NDP MP Heather McPherson, would ensure all coal projects undergo federal impact assessment prior to approval
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March 20

The NDP commits to cancelling up to $20 000 per person in federal student loan debt

The plan also includes a moratorium on student loan payments until the pandemic ends, permanently cancelling interest on student debt, and working towards tuition free post-secondary education
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March 16

Letter to Minister Mendicino

Regarding improving the Canadian Government's lifeboat offer to Hong Kongers
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March 15

Letter to the RCMP Commissioner

Regarding calling for a criminal investigation of MindGeek and its subsidiaries
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March 11

Letter to Minister Wilkinson

Regarding federal impact assessment for the Montem Resources Tent Mountain Coal Mine project 
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March 2

Media Release on Supporting Small Business

NDP commits to help small businesses struggling through COVID-19 pandemic
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February 24

Media Release on the Canada Pharmacare Act

Conservatives and Liberals vote to deny Canadians universal pharmacare
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February 22

Letter to Minister Gould

Regarding the humanitarian crisis in the Tigray region in Ethiopia
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February 12

Liberals and Conservatives put profits ahead of the care of our seniors

Media release on taking profit out of long-term care
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