Canada's NDP


April 8th, 2022

Heather McPherson Statement on Budget 2022

McPherson calls for targeted investment in Alberta in response to Budget 2022

Today, NDP MP Heather McPherson (Edmonton Strathcona) called for targeted investment in Alberta to create jobs and help diversify the Alberta economy following the tabling of the Liberal government’s Budget 2022.

“While this budget promises to deliver in several key areas that are important to Canadians, it falls short when it comes to Alberta,” said McPherson. “The adoption of the NDP dentalcare program, starting with children under 12 this year, and affordable housing support for municipalities with direct funds for Canadians struggling to afford housing are welcomed and come as a direct result of the work that the NDP have done, but I’m disappointed that the Liberal government has once again missed the point when it comes to Alberta.”

“The Liberal’s entire net-zero plan rests on carbon pricing and a tax credit for carbon capture,” McPherson explained, “and this is simply not good enough. It does nothing for Alberta workers and doesn’t address the fundamental need to create jobs and transition our economy for the future.”

45,000 Canadian oil and gas workers have lost their jobs due to automation over the past decade and experts expect those layoffs to continue.

McPherson is calling for federal investment in Alberta to address climate change in two areas – support for oil and gas workers and support to create jobs in other sectors, something she identifies as necessary to ensuring a future for the province.

“I’m happy that Canadians are finally seeing a dental care program and this commitment to pharmacare, which has been a long time coming. We also got further commitments from the Liberals on Indigenous housing, energy retrofits, and a fairer tax system thanks to the NDP’s negotiations,” McPherson noted. “But we are running out of time to reduce emissions and build a future economy for Alberta families.”