Canada's NDP


March 22nd, 2022

Delivering for Canadians Now

Edmonton NDP MP Heather McPherson lauds historic agreement between NDP and Liberal government that will deliver dental care, pharmacare, and other needed programs for Canadians

Today, NDP MP Heather McPherson (Edmonton Strathcona) recognized the historic Supply and Confidence Agreement between the federal NDP and the governing Liberals, noting that the agreement will make a profound difference in the lives of Albertans.

“This agreement between the NDP and the Liberals means that Canadians will finally see dental care and pharmacare – universal prescription drug coverage - become a reality,” said McPherson. “I’m proud to work alongside my fellow New Democrats to make this happen.”

The historic agreement has the NDP promising to support the government on confidence and budgetary matters through 2025 in exchange for improvements to healthcare, affordable housing, and climate change programs, and commitments on workers’ rights, reconciliation, taxation, and demographic reform.

However, the agreement does not comprise a coalition government. The NDP reserves the right to vote against the government on all other bills and motions.

McPherson put the agreement in historical context, noting “Remember this is how Tommy Douglas got public healthcare for Canadians. Now, the NDP are delivering for Canadians once again.”

McPherson, who has called repeatedly in the House of Commons for federal investment to diversify Alberta’s economy, was also pleased to see transition measures that tie climate change objectives to job creation written into the agreement.

“Albertans have waited a long time for a jobs plan from this government,” said McPherson. “Now we will have Albertans at the table to ensure that jobs are created here.”

McPherson also lauded the other measures in the agreement.

“Expanding healthcare coverage, creating national standards for long-term care, investing in affordable housing, protecting workers’ rights, and finally moving on reconciliation are all vitally important to Albertans,” McPherson stated. “And implementing a publicly accessible beneficial ownership registry is not only important for tax fairness, it will also help Canada target Russian Oligarchs and support Ukraine.”

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