Ottawa must protect healthcare for all Canadians

Publicly delivered, universally accessible healthcare is under attack. The federal government must act now to protect Canadians.

Jason Kenney and the UCP are gutting our healthcare system. They are fighting with doctors and nurses, laying off thousands of healthcare workers, privatizing surgeries, and undermining the public delivery of care that people depend on.

The federal government must enforce the Canada Health Act and protect Canadians from two-tier, American-style health care. I have introduced this motion in the House of Commons, and I need your support:

"That, given provincial governments such as Alberta’s are increasingly privatizing essential health services, it is the opinion of the House that the government should take immediate action to ensure that federal funds distributed for health purposes to provincial and territorial governments are used solely to strengthen and administer publicly delivered, universally accessible healthcare."

Sign now to support publicly delivered and universally accessible healthcare for ALL Canadians.

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